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I'm wondering if it would not also be useful...or, rather, I believe it would be, but I'm interested in user feedback, to be able to update one's Facebook status, as well, from Xpostulate?

I think that there are means to do so.
I have, on my machine, a bash terminal Facebook tool that allows updating of Facebook status from the gnu/Linux, bash command line. Were I to dig into the code for that, I imagine I could determine what would be necessary to implement such a feature in Xpostulate, as well.

As far as wordpress and blogger, I've been reading up on those protocols.
Really, it's a matter of me learning how to implement existing xmlrpc tools for Tcl, or writing my own, and, having looked at the existing xmlrpc tools, I believe I'm going to use what I've learned from them, while writing my own processes in for Xpostulate.
It's not that I want to re-invent the wheel, or anything. In truth, I will likely borrow a LOT of code from the existing tools. It's just that I'd rather have these functions built right into Xpostulate, rather than have to require users to find and install separate modules/dependencies (other than tcl, itself, where necessary), in order to use Xpostulate. This is primarily a question of convenience for users, if not simply a matter of masochism on my part. It will involve a bit of code-writing, so I can't make any firm estimates of when such functionality will be available, but, wanting such functions for my own use, I am motivated to get it done.
In fact, these functions (wordpress & blogger posting) are my top priority, at this juncture.
Eventually I will write in the ability to download and edit prior posts, and some other, more superficial matters (choosing user icon? pulldown menus for choosing categories from existing lists for wordpress, perhaps, etc., etc.)

I also have plans to add several "custom" fields, so that the user can add additional blogs, say, for instance, if you have more than one wordpress or dreamwidth account, and you wish to cross post to both. I, for instance, have two livejournals. I also have a wordpress on, but also use wordpress software for the on my own site. I have, at times, maintained more than one blogspot/blogger blog, as well (one for my software, another for rock en espaƱol, another for LinguasOS, the gnu/linux distro I developed, etc.)
This, custom, or user edited fields for blogs seems a useful feature.

If only I could get Xpostulate to make you a sandwich while you're doing all that writing and posting, and then clean up the kitchen...


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