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Xpostulate working on Win7

So, I currently have acces to a Win7 machine (you will recall that I'm a gnu/linux guy), and I've managed to get Xpostulate running on this platform.

Windows annoys the heck out of me, frankly, and I did have to make various changes to the program to make it work, but I have it working, and am posting this, now, with Xpostulate on said Win7 machine.

I will zip up a package for Windows users shortly, with installation instructions, etc., and post again.
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Rejoice! Xpostulate Install Wizard for Win/Lin

Friends, Windows Users, Xpostulators, lend me thine ears...or eyes, or something.
I come bearing great news!

I have just uploaded an Xpostulate Windows Install Wizard!

I have also uploaded a Linux Setup Wizard, although most gnu/linux users probably make to just fine with the script released with the source files. Oh yes, the source files are also still available for download, as well.

I haven't tested the install wizard for Windows, because I don't use Windows or have access to a Windows machine. Could someone give it a whirl and give me a holler?

posted with Xpostulate
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how to run a tcl script in windows

This morning I posted instructions for running a Tcl script in Windows on the, here:
How to run a tcl script in windows.