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Xpostulate w/ Tumblr released

Okay, I uploaded new Win/Lin installers and source code for Xpostulate, including the new Tumblr feature.
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Xpostulate playing with Tumblr

Okay...well, that was easy..
I just successfully made a test post to Tumblr using Xpostulate.

Expect a new release before the weekend is out with this added feature.
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Greetings, and welcome to the Xpostulate community.

This community is for user support and development discussion of Xpostulate, the crossposting blog and microblog client, that posts to dreamwidth, livejournal, insanejournal, deadjournal, tumblr, wordpress, statusnet, posterous, and friendika. (coming soon: blogger, too)

Xpostulate is written in Tcl/Tk, is cross-platform (runs on lin/win/mac, although primarily developed on gnu/linux), and is Free Software released according to the terms of the Gnu Public License, v. 3.

Xpostulate User Manual

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